The Emblem3's administration staff are admins, bureaucrats and members of the wiki's teams who update news, pages, and polls. 

They are expected to be active, editing articles, and correcting mistakes.

If a member of the staff is inactive for more than one month or did something that damaged the Emblem3 Wikia, their rights will be revoked.

Help build this wikiaEdit

Anyone can contribute to the expansion of this wikia. The public can add or change pages as they learn new things that may improve this wikia. Even so, only admins can access a few additional functions such as locking pages from edits, changing themes, and changing edits. 

What is a Bureaucrat?Edit

A bureaucrat is a person who has the same editing options as someone in the public, but also has access to a few other options, such as "rollback" or removing edits that doesn't contribute or help the wikia. 

Becoming an BureaucratEdit

For you to become an bureaucrat, someone with bureaucrat or admin access must make you one. You can simply ask to become one on the Forum, but you would have to at least contribute to the wikia at least 3 times to be accepted. This may be as simple as adding new information to an existing page, creating a new relevant page, or deleting unecessary or unreliable information on a page.