(Also called #Bandlife) was Emblem3's first headlining tour.This tour was announced on The X Factor the night they performed as a musical guest. They brought their friends from Washington State, Ted, Ryan and Jack McColl to film the show for their webseries #bandlife. They also made another webseries called #E3TV .

Friends on tourEdit

BANDLIFE episode 1 - Texas-012:53

BANDLIFE episode 1 - Texas-0

Ted, Jack and Ryan were all friends with the boys of Emblem3 when they were in Washinton State. They became professional snowboarder while Emblem3 became professional singers. Emblem3 invited the boys on tour to film the tour for their webseries since they already had experiences in filming (they filmed snowboarding videos). The band's webseries was called #bandlife.


E3TV Episode 1 - "California Dreamin'"07:54

E3TV Episode 1 - "California Dreamin'"

2 webseries was created for this tour.

  1. bandlife
  2. E3TV


  • Their friend Jack McColl who helps record the Bandlife series is mentioned in the song "Teenage Kings" on their album Nothing To Lose

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