(Also called #bandlife) Is a webserries about their life on the Bandlife Tour.


Bandlife Tour Teaser

Bandlife Tour Teaser

There are a total of 9 episodes. Covering every city of the tour.

  • Episode 1: Texas
  • Episode 2: Mineapolis, Milauwkee and Chicago.
  • Epsiode 3: Indy and Montreal
  • Episode 4: Toronto and Philly
  • Episode 5; CT, Boston, NYC, and NJ
  • Epsidoe 6: Maryland and Goergia
  • Epsiode 7: Charlotte and Florida
  • Epsidoe 8; KC, Nashville, and Anaheim
  • Episode 9: San Jose, Tempe, Los Angeles


  • Episode 3 was taken down because of it not meeting managments standards on a "clean boyband image". It contained clips of the boys bringning girls to their buses and partying with them.
  • Keaton was in the episodes the least.
  • Fans were angered over the short legnths of the episodes and this resulted in longer episodes overtime.
  • The Bandlife logo was chosen in a competition between the fans on social media. The logo with the most 'likes' 'favs' or 'retweets' won.