Emblem3 announced on June 6th, that the band will be taking a break as they both start seperate projects. 

Letter to fans announcing breakEdit

Emblem3 break

Emblem3's letter to fans

Hey Emblems! Long time no talk. Apologies for being so quiet lately but wanted to let you know what we’re up to.

Emblem3 will always be a HUGE part of our life and we can’t thank you all enough for the love and support you’ve given us since the beginning. We learned so much, and as the years have passed we’ve realized that we both have so many creative ambitions. So a new chapter is beginning… I Wes have been pouring my heart & soul into writing and creating a new sound! I’ll be starting several new projects! Creation is limitless!

It’s Keaton again, I have been working on a new band project as well! …but we’re continuing to write and produce together. Emblem3 is NOT over. We are, after all, Forever Together. ;) But for the time being, we will be exploring some new creative ventures and hope you’ll come along for the ride. We will be posting updates constantly on the E3 and our personal social media accounts, so look out for them. We don’t want reveal any surprises just yet, but just know that the future is extremely bright. Love, Keaton Stromberg Wesley Stromberg

New Projects

Wesley and his friends Kenny Holland created a band called The BalCOny.

Keaton created a band called Never Getting Older.