Wesley and Keaton have a lot of family members.

Laraine Claire (mother)Edit

Lariane is the mother of Keaton and Wesley. She helps with #TeamInspire

Brianna "Breezie" (sister)Edit

Breezie is the older sister of Keaton and Wesley. She has a baby named Rory which is now Wesley's and Keaton's nephew. Breezie also came along the Fireside Tour to help spread #TeamInspire

Brooke Stromberg (sister)Edit

Brooke is the older sister of Keaton and Wesley. She had a baby named Isaac, which is Wesely's and Keaton's nephew.

William Stromberg (father)Edit

William is Wesley and Keaton's dad. He and Laraine are diviorced. He remarried a women named Anna who is really nice and supprotive of Emblem3. He is a film composer.

Isaac (nephew)Edit

Isaac is Keaton and Wesley's nephew. He is 1 year old.

Robert Stromberg (Uncle)Edit

Robert is Keaton and Wesley's uncle. He is a filmaker. He was the director of the film "Maleficient". He is whom Keaton got his middle name from.

Emblems (fans)Edit

The boys have stated many times that their fans are like family to them.