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Kenny Galbraith
Vital statistics
Position Percussionist
Age 26
Status Not active
Physical attributes
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown

Kenny Galbriath is a former member of Emblem3. He was their percussionist.

Team InspireEdit

Drew and Kenny created Team Inspire, though it is Lariane and Breezie who runs the program now. 

Team Inspire -Kenny01:58

Team Inspire -Kenny

Kenny at a Team Inspire Takeover


In Emblem3Edit

Kenny played percussion in Emblem3's orginal songs and old covers.

Santeria (Cover) by Emblem 302:30

Santeria (Cover) by Emblem 3

Kenny plays the drums in this cover

Kenny NowEdit

Now, Kenny creates music to play at festivals. His music can be found on soundcloud.

Symphonic Sparkle by GKEN-E01:49

Symphonic Sparkle by GKEN-E

Kenny's inspirational messages

Can't Stop Smiling! by GKEN-E-104:11

Can't Stop Smiling! by GKEN-E-1

One of Kenny's songs


  • Kenny was born May 21, 1988
  • Both Emblem3 and Drew Chadwick wants to work with him again.
  • He dyed his hair blue at one point.
  • He sold inspirational autograped bracelets for only 5 dollars.
  • He likes to create poems

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