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Sunset Boulevard was a song written by Drew Chardwick and was chosen for Emblem3's audition song.       

Writting and recordingEdit

Drew wrote the song while on a couch at a party on Sunset Boulevard. There are many versions of this song. The first version was written while they were in the band "GroLove". The second version is almost the same as the first, but with minor lyric changes. The third version (also the one placed on Songs From The Couch) was the version they peformed on the X Factor. The fourth version is the on NTL which was reproduced with extra instruments and sounds, but kept the same lyrics as the third version.

FIRST Sunset Blvd Version04:23

FIRST Sunset Blvd Version

First Version of Sunset Boulevard

Emblem3 - Sunset Blvd (Alternate Version)03:41

Emblem3 - Sunset Blvd (Alternate Version)

Another Sunset Boulevard version. (It is very similar to the first one, but with minor lyric changes)

Emblem3 - Sunset Blvd Official Audio-003:36

Emblem3 - Sunset Blvd Official Audio-0

Another verision (also the one from Sounds From The Couch)

Emblem3 - Sunset Blvd (Album Version)03:24

Emblem3 - Sunset Blvd (Album Version)

Album Version

X FactorEdit

This song was performed on X Factor and got the boys 4 "yeses", making them able to compete in season 2 of X Factor (USA). 

Emblem3- 1st Audition- Sunset Blvd (An Original)-204:49

Emblem3- 1st Audition- Sunset Blvd (An Original)-2


  • Keaton produced the second and third version of Sunset Boulevard. 
  • The song was written 2 years before they performed it on X Factor.

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