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Team Inspire (sometimes refered to #teaminpire) is a movement dedicated to bring conscious awarness worldwide through the power of inspiration. The purpose is to inspire fans to explore their passions, identify their purpose, and pursue their dreams.


Team Inspire was started by Drew Chadwick and Kenny Galbriath . It started off as a way to share positivity to others using the hashtag #teaminspire on twitter and other social media websites. Soon it spread to become a nationwide organization. Keaton and Wesley's mother Lariane and sister Brianna ("Breezie") has taken over the project and started performing "takeovers" around the country.

Team Inspire NetworkEdit

In 2013, the Team Inspire network was created to unite fans all around he world to spread positivity. On the website, users can communicate with each other, plan takeovers, and participate in challenges.

Making HeadlinesEdit

Team Inspire "Takeovers" have reached media attention in several states. The fan's good deeds have been broadcated on news channels

Emblem3 Surprises Team Inspire Girls During KC News Interview

Emblem3 Surprises Team Inspire Girls During KC News Interview


Team Inspire apparelEdit

The organization makes apparel in order to support "takeovers". Some of their apparel is worn by the band and fans have opportunites to win autograph apparel if ordered from their website.


  • After leaving the band, Drew started another platform called "We The Change". It focuses more on the environment and animals.