Tyler Case
Vital statistics
Position Friend
Age 20
Status Band Friend


Physical attributes
Height 5'11
Weight Unknown
 Tyler Case is Keaton's best friend.


Tyler was born in Florida and raised in Goergia before moving to California. He graduated High School in 2014. He acted in "Good Intentions"and  "Living Proof" when he was younger. Recently, he acted in "The Mentalist", "Chasing Life", and "90 minutes in Heaven".


Tyler and Keaton have been friends since early 2013. The have done many videos together on Youtube (TK) and Vine. They hang out with each other as much as they can. They met after Tyler's mom (who was with Tyler at the time) saw the license plate "Emblem3" and went up to say hi. Tyler and Keaton then met and Keaton gave im his address in case Tyler ever wanted to hang out. They have been best friends since.


  • He has been friends with Keaton since early 2013
  • His birthday is September 6.
  • He moved in with Keaton and Wesley for a while
  • When Justin Bieber followed him on Twitter, he fangirled 
  • His goal is to be a great actor
  • His favorite animal is the panda
  • He can surf and skateboard
  • He was a in webserries with Keaton called TK ("T" for Tyler and "K" for Keaton)
  • He designed wristbands with Keaton for the company ZOX.
  • His snapchat is tyzar95