Emblem Now App

The Waking Up EP was released February 15 via their Emblem3 app. 


It was first released via their Emblem3 app. It can be streamed free offline and online. The app also provides all of the lyrics. 

It was released for download in April 2016 via iTunes and Google Play Store.


  • Now
  • End Of Summer
  • Taboo Love
  • Out Of The World
  • Waking Up
  • City Lights
Emblem3 Waking Up EP tracklist


  • This is the first new music they released through their app
  • This is the first EP made with all 3 members since their breakup in 2014
  • iPhone users had to wait until February 16th to listen to the EP because the iPhone version of the app was delayed.
  • Keaton produced all of the songs